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I've always loved creating, designing, and writing fictional characters in my head. But none of them ever left my mind until six years ago when the structure for a story came to me. The story of a young girl in a world of spirits, always accompanied and cared for by her caregiver, a loving little ghost. 'Ethereal', or 'Haunted' as it was named at the time stuck with me, and I knew I had to share this story with the world. So I started relearning how to draw, sharpened my writing skills, went through over a dozen designs for each character I wanted to include, modeled them, cast voices for them, and brought them to life on-screen.  Now we come to the final stretch, to put others in the protagonist's shoes and put the game together I've dreamed of since I was seventeen. I've been pouring my heart and soul (and wallet) into the 'Ethereal' project, not for profit, but because I want the world to enjoy what I've come up with. That's why I started this little company, to share stories like 'Ethereal: New Moon', and to create experiences people will love.


Ethereal: Requiem of Repose is an interactive point-and-click adaption of the story "When Marnie Was There". Follow a moody orphan's journey to unveil forgotten memories and discover the truth behind the fabricated reality she has been led to believe. Questions arise as young Valerie Alton becomes fast friends with Vincent, a mysterious boy she has seen in her dreams. Accompanied by her undead caregiver Theria, choose how the story plays out and learn how the fate of Valerie's family truly came to be. She will come to find that her familial history, as well as her connection with Vincent, go deeper than she once thought.


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