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Ethereal: Requiem of Repose

Ethereal: Requiem of Repose, or Ethereal: Memories of Vincent (エーテル: 思い出のヴィンセント Ēteru: Omoide no vu~insento) as it is named in Japan, is planned for release in December 2024 in North America on Microsoft Windows and macOS.


Teenage shut-in Valerie becomes unlikely friends with a boy named Vincent. As their friendship progresses, she finds that they may have a deeper relationship than she had known. Uncover mysteries with her ghostly caregiver Theria and avoid harrowing haunts in this point-and-click adventure.

  • The game's story is an adaption of the novel "When Marnie Was There" and the film of the same name.

  • Ethereal: New Moon went through several name changes during development, including "Haunted" and "Solstice".

  • Earlier plot ideas had a greater emphasis on the moon.

Voice Cast
  • Michelle Marie as Valerie Alton

  • Tiger Sexton as Theria Rune

  • TBD as Vincent

  • Bridget Lappin as Evelyn Alton and Marilyn Alton

  • Grace Hartman as Adam Covington

  • TBD as Bess Covington

  • TBD as Harggoth

  • Zee Smith as Anne O'Shea



  • Ethereal: Requiem of Repose

Name (JP)

  • エーテル: 思い出のヴィンセント

Name (JP, romanized)

  • Ēteru: Omoide no vu~insento

  • Ethereal: Memories of Vincent


  • Magenta Softworks


  • Violessence

  • Magenta Softworks

Release Date

  • December 2024 (North America)

  • TBA (Japan)


  • Point & Click / Visual Novel / Cinematic


  • Rating Pending (ESRB)


  • Microsoft Windows

  • macOS

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