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"Let's search the sky for a while."

The Music of Ethereal: New Moon - "Is It Really You?"


Stars are the departed souls of the dead. Every dead being, no matter how insignificant, becomes a star upon their final death. They spread millions of miles across the galaxy, and glow a pink tint in the mid-evening. The more notable the soul was, the brighter it will shine to the Earth.

Several lines of in-game dialogue refer to this phenomenon, including "May you find peace in the stars", and "Stars preserve you".

  • The song "Is It Really You?" by Loathe was chosen to be covered in the Ethereal: New Moon soundtrack due to the lyrics' relevancy to the game's plot. The line "Collide like two stars" being comparable to Valerie's hopes of a "collision" with Vincent's soul after death, even if the chances (the event of two stars colliding) are very unlikely.

    • In addition, it is worth noting that leechers are among the types of spirits that do not become stars upon their final death. Since Valerie's infection is not cured by the end of Ethereal: New Moon's canon ending, it is possible that Valerie will never have a chance of becoming a star before the time of her final death. It could be argued that not saving Martin at the end of the game results in a happier ending, as Valerie is cured of her infection.


The Departed Souls of Earth

Notable stars

  • Lucy Alton

  • Vincent ("Epilogue")

~ Appearances ~

First Appearance

  • Ethereal: New Moon

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